• Fish Oil

    Fish Oil

    Earlybird Bait Fish Oil Any Fish Oil is used in conjunction with a Pollard to make burley. Its very easy…

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  • Pollard


    Earlybird Bait Pollard Pollard is used in conjunction with a fish oil or tuna oil to make burley. Its very…

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  • Premix Burley

    Premix Burley

    Earlybird Bait Premix Burley Earlybirds Premix Burley¬†is a quality blend of pollard and oils. This product makes less work for…

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  • Tuna Heads

    Tuna Heads

    Earlybird Bait Tuna Heads Earlybird Bait has Tuna Heads available in: Available in 2kg Packets (6 Packets per Carton)

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  • Spleen


    Earlybird Bait Spleen Earlybird Bait has Spleen available in: 1kg Packets (13 Packets per Carton)

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  • Whiting Heads

    Whiting Heads

    Earlybird Bait Whiting Heads Earlybird Bait has Whiting Heads available in: 1kg Packets (10 Packets per Carton)

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  • Gardies


    Earlybird Bait Garfies Australian Gardies are a widespread group of small, slender fish, most of which have a bottom jaw…

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  • Mullet


    Earlybird Bait Mullet Mullets¬†are a family (Mugilidae) and order of ray-finned fish found worldwide in coastal temperate and tropical waters,…

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  • Worms


    Earlybird Bait Worms Beach Worms Blood Worms Tube Worms Earlybird Bait has Worms available in: Beach Worms, Blood Worms (25…

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  • Cockles


    Earlybird Bait Cockle A Cockle is a small, saltwater clam, a mollusc in the family Cardiidae. Various species of cockles…

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  • River Prawns

    River Prawns

    Earlybird Bait River Prawns Earlybird Bait has River Prawns available in: 200 gram Packets (25 or 50 Packets to a…

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