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Who we are

Fishing is a family tradition

Earlybird Bait has come a long way from their humble beginnings of the residential garage. Both of the owners Sue and Garry Dawe have had a long association with the industry and with their combined skills and knowledge they have emerged as one of the industry leaders.

As the company began to expand Garry and Sue Dawe moved to Hamilton Hill so they could be close to the action of the fishing industry and the fishermen.

Garry’s Great Grandfather was the first person in WA to can Herring and Mullet in the late 1890’s and export them to Europe. Both his Grandfather and Uncle’s took over the business in the late 1930’s and supplied the Australian Army with seafood during World War II.

Garry’s Father fished the Mandurah Estuary for many years before he went to Exmouth to spend the next 25 years bait fishing.

Garry entered the Crayfishing industry in the early 1980’s and spent about 18 years as a Crayfisherman before he and wife Sue bought Earlybird Bait in 2000. Sue’s family also pioneered, fished and farmed in the Coolup District.

With the success of Earlybird Bait, Garry and Sue are generously involved in sponsoring local clubs and sporting associations.

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